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Garden Markers – Repurpose some very natural things

Since planting season is in full swing and most of it has been done we can move forward to some other points of the to-do list: aesthetics. Once we have crossed of the most important things we can focus (or just use our free time) on some projects which makes our vegetable garden look nicer and have even a structural function.

Today, I decided to make some stone vegetable garden markers which are very easy and minimalistic in design – just the way I like it. Our 3000 m2 are divided in four terraces of a hillside of a valley (just the typical Italian surrounding) close to a nature reserve and for this we have not only a very fruitful mother soil but also rocks ‘en masse’. So why not use some (because we have plenty of them) to make a nice decor that, at the same time, fits in perfectly to the natural habitat?…

You really don’t need anything else but the amount of rocks (and if course those ones that suits best according to your taste) and a permanent marker. Use your nicest or ugliest handwriting to paint the rocks and voilà! The labels are done.





Handmade and upcycled – stop overconsumption 

Today is Black Friday. Sadly, it’s true that shopping and consumerism keeps our economy growing; that’s the system. It targets our perspective even more when there is one special day every retailer and consumer awaits. The line between what you truly need and what you want (because you’ve been tempted to) is blurred and we might end up thinking that materialism is the fundament to happiness. How wrong!

Happiness to me is when I use my brain and let myself go into my creativity. There are so many things you can recycle and upcycle, all the while maintaining your goal of living sustainable. 

My recent upcycle were to beer bottles turned into vinegar and oil bottles. It looks very elegant and cost zero money. I used a cap for wine bottles and one specific for oil. Both I already had. I couldn’t wait to pour this year’s biological olive oil extra vergine into the bottle for serving. Bread , oil and salt – this is all you want!