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Why it’s important to connect to NATURE

Why it’s important to connect to NATUREhere exists e lack of information. You might want to say: Hold on! We live in the information age and considering the internet we can say that we ARE the evolution of technology, so how the heck can there be a lack of it? And I say you are right. However, this is the paradox of our time: we can create an enormous network of data sources and in no speed exchange information, but we do fail to connect to the one thing that is actually natural to us: nature.

I recently stumbled upon a book by Galina Schatalowa whom particularly German raw food activists will know very well. The book Fylosofyya zdorovʹya, 1997 (The Philosophy of Health) has been, luckily, translated into German and is an approach that brings together scientific research, practical experience and a holistic perspective about health. Without going into details I want to share what I found fascinating. Schatalowa explains that the major characteristic that distinguishes her approach of natural healing from any other system is its intense use of natural information. In this context I thought of the importance of connecting to NATURE and that we cannot forget that the exchange of information not only determines the life of human community, it is also a condition for the existence of living organisms, the living matter at all.

Unfortunately, today the exchange of information between nature and human beings has a less important role. The information we get is based on the fact of socialization per se, of being part of a human society. Only a small portion of the information comes from nature. However, we need to bear in mind that hundreds of thousands of years ago the sensory organs of human beings have been programmed for the accumulation and processing of information directly from nature. Who thinks that it does not matter for our eyes and ears what type of natural data they receive is very much mistaken. The self-isolation from nature of the modern man results in a chronic lack of information, and is reflected in his physical, but especially in its mental health.

New technology means of course progress and new innovations which I am totally in favor of. However, we do let us distract ourselves from the ringing, vibrating and buzzing of our phone, tablet, TV and computer. Right now I do work at my Laptop and I don’t want to miss this commodity but I need to get away from it and find my balance in nature. How else can I listen to my body signals or to what my body needs during e.g. winter or summer? How it reacts to humidity or dry weather conditions? What is the effect of eating meat vs being vegetarian or vegan? Is there a difference in life quality in the smog of a city or the clean air in the countryside? … I need to find tranquility in order to be capable of hearing what my body is telling me.

I, on the other side, decided to be very caring and loving with my body. I respect my body, my health, my fitness because there are two great attributes I cherish very much which Galina Schatalowa also highlighted to explain that we human beings need them in order to be “guardians of life”: reason, which increases our knowledge and gives us the ability to see far ahead, to foresee the consequences of our actions (what we eat or drink), and benignity that manifests itself in our willingness to share with others the most valuable thing we have – our knowledge. In this respect I really appreciate the internet and the new technologies we have. We can share knowledge and be also inspiration, and hopefully, give impulses to (in my case) connect to nature in order to find our balance.




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An homage to a cat 

This is to pay homage to a great cat named Tonys. While being busy making gnocchi di patate (potato pasta) he was hiding under the table to rest in the shade. Of course, he did the most reasonable thing on a hot day like this. However, it’s also most convenient when it’s busy in the kitchen. His absence is noticed! His rare appearance is much appreciated!

Cats are interesting creatures: so independent, loving, arrogant and elegant. They definitely are a part of a life on the countryside. They do what they want to do and bring a peaceful atmosphere to the place called home. Also I think that cats are also intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a meaning or purpose. They are experts on the art of lingering!