living and cooking for the planet, for the health, for the animals


First, this blog started out as an attempt to share some thoughts as a generally plant based food enthusiast and vegan “curiouseur”. It was not only out of curiosity about food, but also passion for cooking and baking, too. The healthier the better. A balanced diet is essential for saving the planet, it is great for your health and you can also help the animals!

While living green and sustainable within your means you can also enjoy traveling and enjoy a little coffee in the city, however, always making the better choices. This now has developed into a sustainable adventure about living happier and healthier, not to only feel good for ourselves (health wise) but also to do good for the planet and community.

This vision of living sustainable and organic is still I am working on and it got more real when I decided to leave behind my urban life in Germany and move to the countryside in Italy where my partner and I share the same dream of living a life in accordance with nature. Striving towards auto-sufficiency (to which extent possible) we appreciate healthy food, a minimalistic lifestyle and whatever nature has to offer.

While sharing recipes and some recommendations on how to benefit from a respectful life close with nature, some posts will remain hazy and playful, always referring to the aesthetics of a life for our health 💚 the planet 🌍 the animals 🐢


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