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Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme 

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It is the matter if the heart to promote a life which is a more genuine and direct contact with nature all the while believing in the very measures we take in order to grow, collect, consume and share what nature has to offer us. And this I take very seriously! So after day at the beach at the Garda lake (lago di Garda, Italy) we went up in the Venetoan mountains and looked for some wild herbs.

Initially we wanted to find wild thyme. What we found is Satureja montana which is commonly known as the winter savory. It is most often used as a culinary herb, but it also has marked medicinal benefits, especially upon the whole digestive system. Of course, this inspiring herb will be used for some cooking an drank as an aromatic herbal tea.






Author: cupsandteaspoons

Plant based food enthusiast and vegan “curiouseur”

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