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Fertilize Me! An Excursion

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Yes, my daily food, especially some extra super boosters (such as wheat grass shots or herbal teas) can be seen as a natural fertilizer for my body. For those of you planning a garden or already working on yours, here is a recommendation for a DIY fertilizer: The Stinging Nettle Slurry.

All you need is:

  • big plastic/wooden container
  • rainwater
  • nettle plants

Nettles are highly nutritious and they grow abundant in the wild. For gardening purposes they can be harvested everywhere and best when in late spring/early summer, right before they flower. So enjoy a Sunday walk in the woods and bring back some nettles. Cut the nettles small, fill the container with the water and cover loosley. It’s best to leave it in a sunny place for about 2-3 weeks but don’t forget to stir it every day. When the slurry stops foaming it is ready for use.



Author: cupsandteaspoons

Plant based food enthusiast and vegan “curiouseur”

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