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Some thoughts on minimalism

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Being mainly vegan my diet consists mostly of plants and (most importantly!) unprocessed foods. There is an abundance of vegetables and fruits out there and I try to go with the seasons. Traveling through South East Asia I was particularly fond of mango, dragon fruit, and passion fruit! There’s nothing better than having fresh fruits from the market (accompanied with some iced coffee, haha). They naturally taste good, but there is more to it: these foods make me feel super healthy and outstandingly awesome!

Especially after Asia I appreciate freshness and, moreover, the pureness of local fruits and vegetables. Being back home I’m happy and thankful for the strawberry season! Of course I could to the weekly market and buy a basket full of those delicious somethings, but where’s the fun, right? No, I go pick them myself! The fun part is eating two, and put one in the basket. This way you can spend a whole day on the field! The irony on this kind of minimalism: I just can’t get enough!


Author: cupsandteaspoons

Plant based food enthusiast and vegan “curiouseur”

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